Geeks vs. Nerds

Blake : found this extremely helpful:

Clint : nice

Clint : I'll have to bookmark this in case I ever switch back to Textmate

Blake : haha

Blake : still in Vim?

Clint : yes

Clint : LOVE it

Blake : nerd

Blake : ;)

Clint : It's pronounced "geek", du-mass

Blake : no, geek's like star wars and role playing games... nerds do extra efficient commandline nerd crap

Clint : Really? So playing D&D is geeky and not nerdy?

Blake : yeah, nerdy is smart and technical

Blake : geeky is socially awkward and obsessive about the aforementioned geeky things

Clint : I must be a rare hybrid than. All their strengths, none of their weaknesses.

Blake : geeks might even call you "day-walker"

Blake : ;)

Clint : HAH

Clint : nice

Blake : yeah, i'm REALLY proud of that one

Blake : might print this convo out and frame it

Clint : I'm blogging this

Blake : haha, awesome



My name is Clint Shryock. I develop things in Go and Ruby. I live in central Missouri, where the weather is beautiful 4 months of the year.
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