Ghost gem

I typically develop sites on my local machine using custom vhosts in Apache and adding lines to my /etc/hosts file to point custom urls to After some time that file grew to be large and sometimes tedious to update. Enter ghost gem. Simple hostname management.

1 Waffles:~ clint$ ghost modify pup.local  
2   [Modifying] pup.local ->

Adds a new entry (somewhere, not /etc/hosts though) and you can now use puppy.local as a url to point to your machine with a vhost setup to respond to that scheme.

You can use this for just about any url or IP you want too:

1 Waffles:~ clint$ ghost add puppy  
2   [Adding] puppy ->

ghost list shows what you have already:

1 Waffles:~ clint$ ghost list  
2   Listing 2 host(s):  
3     pup.local ->  
4     puppy ->

Full details and commands are listed on bjeanes github repo.



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