Daily writing. Again. Maybe.

Trying this daily writing thing again. I attempted this last January, the idea being I’d write a little bit each day. I think it lasted 1 week. Maybe 2. Definitely didn’t make it out of February.

A lot has changed since January 2015. Soon I’ll be a father again, with our third child expected at the end of February. Still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing as a parent, but so far I’m doing OK faking it.

Goals I’d like to accomplish this year:

  • Author an open source library, maybe people will actually use it
  • Compete in the CrossFit Open, and do “better” than I did last year
  • Read a new sci-fi series. Diamond Age, Culture, something

Goals for the month of January:

  • make a better list of goals for this year
  • start an open source library/tool
  • Finish The Senior Software Engineer
  • Contribute to Otto
  • Get better at Golang (how do you quantify this…)
  • Master Skin Thrall, Tyrande
  • Be an OK Muradin

The last two for January are kind of sad/funny, as they relate to Heroes of the Storm, a game I’m currently addicted to. But it’s fun, so setting goals is good.

Things I should think about:

  • Names for third child
  • OSS contributions and my role @ HashiCorp

Things I can write about

  • Working on Terraform
  • Golang.. something

Just a brain dump blog post at this point, trying to kick-start the writing thing…



My name is Clint Shryock. I develop things in Go and Ruby. I live in central Missouri, where the weather is beautiful 4 months of the year.
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