Heroes of the Storm

I’m trying to write daily and don’t really have a set of technical topics out yet, so today I’ll write about my game of choice lately, Heroes of the Storm. Heroes is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), akin to League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients. TL;DR two teams of 5 players pick characters and fight it out, leveling up their characters to unlock abilities and be able to fight more, better.

I won’t go into details on MOBAs or how they are played, you can read that in the links above. While I had heard of League and DOTA, I had never really had much interest in MOBAs. I honestly don’t recall what prompted me to try Heroes, probably my affection for StarCraft and WarCraft, but ever since my first few games I’ve been hooked, pretty bad actually.

I started out with just the free-to-play characters (they change every week), just kind of aimlessly wandering through AI games by myself, clicking talents that sounded cool at the time. Nova was the first hero I purchased with in-game gold and just loved playing. The stealth mechanic and biding my time for the right moment to strike was a ton of fun to play. Of course, I was doing it All Wrong™, like picking talents that help me wave clear… if you don’t know Nova’s play style, just know that wave clearing is not for Nova.

Eventually I got the desire to play better. I began to wonder “What’s the best (or better) way to build Nova?”. Naturally Youtube provided the answer, and the first (good) video I found was from MFPallytime. I’ve been a subscriber ever since. MFPallytime is a professional youtuber and Heroes is a common game he plays. He plays nearly all the heroes and gives general advice and strategy for both the hero he’s chosen in the video, and the game overall. I admit I spend too much time watching matches of Heroes on youtube, but I’m convinced it’s helped me become a better player. I don’t play all the heroes, many don’t appeal to me at all, but knowing just a little bit about their play style and abilities makes me better deal with them when I am playing a hero of my choice.

My current favorite heroes:

  • Murky – my only master skin at time of writing, just hilarious and fun to play, tilts other players
  • Thrall – likely my next master, currently at level 9
  • Tyrande – my most recent favorite, currently at level 9, but feel I need to get Thrall to master first.. it’s also speculated that Blizzard will nerf her soon so I’m already sad

Heroes I like, but I’m not really that good at or are just _fun to play:

  • Chen (I’m not very good at Chen)
  • Artanis – I wish I was better, I want to love Artanis but it hasn’t happened
  • Tassadar – great hero, I’m OK at, fun to play

Heroes is free to play, with options to purchase hero skins and mounts with in-game gold or actual money. At first I thought I’d never spend actual money on this game, but then they had a 50% off sale for the holidays and I went to town…

Hop on the Nexus and give it a shot :)



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